Wednesday, December 08, 2004

New Gadgets

Last night M1 and I broke in some new software. iZotopes's Ozone3 mastering plugin.

We spent the eveing figuring our how to use it. I had to borrow my Wife's G4 Ti powerbook to run it. The results were pretty stunning. We will be using in mastering the final production CD.

Also on the horizon is a iMac G5. to repalce my iBook G3 that is currently been the workhorse. Actually the G5 will really be my wifes new graphics workstation as her Ti powerbook is now tipping the years at near 5. Souls Amp will be fortunate to be able to utilize the new G5 for the final push in the production of our debut CD then I'll take over the powerbook and hand the iBook down to daughter bass player.

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