Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Soul Amp - CD Prototype 1

Soul Amp - CD Prototype 1

Above is the cover for Souls Amp - New Day prototype CD. What I'm doing is creating prototypes of our upcoming CD. Using desktop technology that most are familiar with, Photoshop, Label printing, labels, CD-Rs and jewel cases I'm "prototyping" our upcoming release. Why? Why not...I am burning disks all the time as we polish and select the tunes for our album. So why not go ahead and start working out the look and feel of the CD as well?

So this is the first prototype titled New Day. Why should you care?

For each protoype that we do the CD will be different in many ways. First the content will likely be different. As we write more tunes some may get "bumped" and others the arrangements may change as well as tracks or the entire recording will be replaced. We will try different song orders as well as art work from a variety of graphic artist types that we happen to know.

So here is the final pitch.

We are considering selling them at gigs. Each protoype will be produced in limited numbers of maybe 20-30. Each will be good sonic quality and represent versions of tunes we are okay with. Also it will help fund the continued production of the final album. We need to raise about $1000 for the professional mastering, printing and reproduction for the first producton run. Since most gigs for original bands pay little we have to make some money somehow. I have always liked homegrown tapes and CDs and think it is way cool when an band lets the listener get a more intimate view of the band and it's progress.

Hence this blog...

So on the 29th of January 8-10 Sprizzo's Caffe and Coffeehouse we will probably offer some of these prototypes up for sale. Cover is 2$ at the door and the prototype disks will probably be $5 or so....

SO what is up with this design...

Well it is orange. To represent a warmth and glow of a new day. Simple enough. The yellow circle of couse is the sun and the use of green is to create a vivid contrast. The orange is a tip to the past.

That is it.

Below is the label.

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