Wednesday, December 01, 2004

More Than I Asked For

Last night M1 and I worked on More Than I Asked For. A new tune we recorded the bass, guitar and drum tracks for during rehersal one night.

Well M1 tackled adding a organ track and after about four hours of trying it just wasn't happening. Depression was setting in. We had one passage that was good and the rest it just was not happening. was best to rethink the instrumentation. We dumped the Organ on verses and tried piano. ZOOM! that was it after a couple of takes M1 laid down a very cool piano track keeping the organ in the chorus. Cool thing is this will be able to be done easily with M1's live rig for shows. The song went from a rather plodding death march funeral dirge to a bright snappy , metro, love song...shades of Joe Jackson and Bruce Hornsby...

I then jumped in a nailed the vocals in one take. After four hours of sitting at the console starting and stopping a 5 minute song I was ready... the can hear live at Sprizzo's on Jan 29th.

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