Saturday, December 04, 2004 lives!

I haven't posted to our blog yet because... well, I haven't had much to
say yet. There's been a sudden flurry of activity in the ol' Cat Box and
elsewhere for us. As you've seen, we've finished up the first prototype
of our CD.

I recently got up and running as well, just a few days
ago. There isn't a whole lot of content there, just an e-biz card for
now. It'll grow and change soon.

As for me, I carry the low end for the band. I'm currently playing on
Fender Jazz 4-string fretless and Brian Moore i5 5-string basses. I
reproduce them with an Eden Metro combo amp. If you want to hear me,
well, you'll have to come see us live or pick up a copy of New Day. And
if you buy one each of every prototype you'll have a nice sonic blog you
can carry around with you.

Thanks for spending time with us...


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