Thursday, July 12, 2007

Park Place Milwaukee WI..... Find the Benches Around the Pond

So I've been walking around this pond that's at a business park near where I work. It's called Park Place. It's in Milwaukee, WI. I'm not talking about the "Urban Ecology Center".

Here's a map:

The pond is the big blue thing in the middle.

Well today I decided to find out how many of the wooden benches they put around this man made pond. It's pretty great how nature is just taking them over. Some of the benches are still pretty accessible and they are used by the folks who fish the pond, but a lot of them are overgrown or beginning to fall into the pond as the bank erodes. There are currently 12 of them. According to a guy I met tonight named Greg there were originally 13. One was crushed by a fallen willow tree.

They have a nice paved path (a .7 mile loop) around the pond and I've walked it hundreds of times over the years. This time of year there is a bunch of nature to observe which is just wonderfully at odds with the man made stuff. I45 is always roaring nearby (except on a couple of occasions when it was snowing hard). Just this year I've seen deer multiple times, tons of frogs, bunches of flowers (natural and planted), and hundreds of birds.

So here's a pic of the towers at park place (the pond is hard to see but it is in the foreground):

towers at park place pond - July_2007 - Milwaukee, WI -

And here's the pics for you to do a bench treasure hunt (or maybe just look at the pics if you like):

Bench 1 - Near broken tree (yep, that won't last, I know)

View from Bench 1

The broken tree... more like fallen over...

Bench 2 - Rock climb

View from Bench 2

Bench 3 - Patio view

View from Bench 3

Bench 4 - Tower view

View from Bench 4

Bench 5 and 6 - Path benches

Bench 7 - Fountain view 1

Bench 8 - Fountain view 2

View from Bench 8

Bench 9 - Hidden One pic 1 - hardest one to find

Bench 9 - Hidden One pic 2

View from Bench 9

Bench 8 and 9 - at either corner of the pic - that dude Greg is also in the pic - he's walking his dog Reggie

Bench 10 and 11 - Cow companions

These patio benches don't count in the count of 12 benches

Bench 12 - Falling in

Here's a couple of nice flowers I found today...

Yep, they're just lovely weeds, but then aren't we all?

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