Sunday, June 17, 2007


Covenigma with Square Wave Trio - June 2007

Checked out the party at Times Cinema for the 10 year anniversary of the release of the independent film, "Coven". It was put on by M2's brother, Patrick Nettesheim. The making of the film "Coven" was the subject of the movie "American Movie". Patrick Nettesheim wrote and performed the soundtrack to Coven and you should buy a copy from here --> Coven soundtrack (if you like =) )

Anyhow, M2 is not only in our band but in a band with Patrick called, Square Wave Trio, and they performed a bunch of stuff from the Coven soundtrack and some new music written for Mark Borchardt's new movie Scare Me to be released at some future date.

So here's another pic of our M2 rocking out with Square Wave Trio :

Covenigma with Square Wave Trio - June 2007
Here's a video of them performing one of Patrick's songs --> Square Wave Trio at Covenigma video

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