Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Update from the Cat Box

Last Wednesday, and Saturday we started tracking again for the CD. We've been working on new songs and will possibly playing some of them at our upcoming Main Stage gig.

After about 6 months now of tracking, a tweaking our recording techniques and songs has paid off big time. From the scrappy basement we are getting this huge sound as we track 8 tracks live.

5 tracks on the kit -

two MXL 991 overheads, SM57 on the snare, Audio Technica D550 on the kick and a MXL 990 on floor tom.

SM57 mic on guitar cabinet with new Traynor YCV20 loaded with JJ EL84's and Groove Tube 12ax7-C, the Tex Mex strat is played straight in.

M1 got a new motion sound amp and we are micing it with a sturdy AT2035 on that the SPL on the motion sound blows every other mic into clipping. We DI the bass off the back of a Eden Metro.

We are really pleased with the sound we are getting and with the technical aspects of recording now faily locked in we are free to really starting thinking about how the songs sound themselves, we are tweaking dynamics and tones from the various instruments and some of the older tunes are finally showing thier true color.

We'd like to share some of these with you but we also want to wait for the CD to be complete...but if you keep checking in here at our blog you might get an opportunity to nab a version of a tune or two.

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