Tuesday, March 22, 2005

G4 Dual 1.24 GHz

Just ordered a new (used) computer for the Cat Box studio. My G4 400 Mhz power book wasn't cutting the mustard when it came to running AudioDesk 2.03 on Jaguar. I was having issues with the app crashing and hanging up during recording. I don't know if some of the problems are related to the weaker machine or if it was OS X overhead related. OS 9 pefromace always rocked on this machine and we never had issues with recording 8 simultaneous 24/48 tracks. The processer would max out trying to mix 10 tracks with effects plugins.

I really like the new effects in AudioDesk 2.03 and it was pretty much a no brainer to move on to a more powerful system for mixing and mastering our upcoming disk. Which by the way we are almost done recording. We have a few sessions yet to do but we are still on track for getting the disk in the can by May 1st.

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