Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Motion Sound KBR-3d

Cat Box SHots
Originally uploaded by bodland.
Here is M1's new motion sound rotary keyboard amp. USed in the recent recordings in the cat box. Dig the low tech recording technique. AudioTechnica AT2035 capturing the swoop of the the rotary horn. The Korg tosses out a ton of bass and the high SPLs blew the MXL990 and MXL2001 out of the water. The AT can handle a very high SPL. A great mic to have in your kit.

M1 runs the Wurli and the KORG-Cx3 into the channel with the rotary. The Kurtz PCX2 goes into the stereo input.

This as a very versatile amp. We'll be rigging it possibly with a half moon switch for controlling the rotor at the Korg rather than a footswitch as it is now. M1 likes to stand.

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