Tuesday, June 08, 2010

WARNING Gruesome Photos to Follow...of smashed finger of clarinet player - Imasges Smashed Finger in Car Door of Artist Need Stiches but Recovering

Here's another story of a smashed finger contributed by a reader named Elizabeth who is a clarinet player:

glad to see your fingernail grew out all right
im not so sure mine will be a whole finger wide
as i split the matrix where the nail gets made
its growing in kinda weird and the 'disolving' stitches
are in the way of progress
alas..at week 5.5
dang car doors!

i did this to myself, popped it like a grape
broke the bone and the nail came right off
i think the open wound took the agony of the pressure build up away
because once the lidocaine wore off it wasn't too agonizing!


now for some clarinet!

Thank you Elizabeth. Please keep us posted on your nail's condition. I hope it improves.

Here's Elizabeth's pics (again, warning, they're pretty gruesome):

Finger smashed by car door and needing stiches. Photo by Elizabeth

Here's all the posts documenting my own smashed finger saga (which completely pales in comparison to Elizabeth's smashed finger):

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