Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Weird Chinese Floating Bird Object Photo - Strange bird sculpture floating in an odd room - Bird Sculpture Staring at you - The Sha La La La La Song

Here's that weird and wonderful Sha La La La La song from the irrepressible Soul Amp:

So sorry to be absent for so long. I think I just went into a bit of a creative slump. I hope to get back to music as well. But here's a couple of odd photos (with more to come) of a Chinese bird sculpture or object or whatever it might be called (it's very cool...it opens) that appears to be floating in midair. It's a little trick to get it to float (no I didn't toss it into the air)...I'll tell you how in a later blog (I have more of these floating object pics to post). I think they are a bit mind bending, but that's just me. I figure they fit the song. Enjoy.

Chinese Bird Sculpture Floating in Midair Illusion - soul-amp.com

Weird Chinese Bird Sculpture Floating Illusion in Odd Room. It's staring right at you. Photos by Mike Fisk of Soul Amp

Chinese Bird Sculpture Floating in Midair Illusion - soul-amp.com

Be sure to check out some free music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):


And more here (look for the "New" songs, if you've been here before):


I hope you all forget about the world for a bit and have a super delightfully odd and fun Tuesday!

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