Monday, November 09, 2009

Waves in Fall during a Purple and Orange Sunrise on Lake Michigan in 2008 with Break Wall Concrete and a Fall Love Song That's Brand New

Yep, here's the autumn love song for you all (I'm repeating it cause I seem to consistently like it after many listenings...yep, I'm really critical of myself):

These were taken last year. It's going to take me a while to get through the stuff from this year as well as the one's I didn't get around to post last year (if only I could fall into independent wealth to do this art stuff full time). Anyhow, please enjoy these autumn photos of Lake Michigan waves splashing the shore with fall foliage and the most gorgeous purple, orange, and red sunrise. I still remember the day. Not to crisply cold. Just an amazing morning. Enjoy (more of the same to come tomorrow).

Lake Michigan waves crashing in autum during a purple, red, and orange sunrise. Photos from Wisconsin 2008. Photos by Mike Fisk

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

That sunrise it just amazing. Look at the yellow of the sun on the horizon with the reds and purples in the clouds. The wave crashing is just an added bonus. Lake Michigan sunrise waves in Wisconsin autum 2008. Photos by Mike Fisk

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Here's a massive autumn collages (I plan on doing a better one soon):

Autumn Collage

And an odd collage of queen anne's lace flowers and others:

Queen Anne's Lace College

And here's maybe the best pic of this batch, eh?

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

If you like, check out some more free Soul Amp music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here:

Have a wonderful Monday and I hope good things for all of you! =)

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