Friday, November 27, 2009

Midair autumn leaves in wind in the Double You Eye state (WI) and some poplar leaves and prarie grass in the sunset and a hopeful new song! Happy BF!

Here's that song again.... I guess I shouldn't say too much about it and you should just listen (if you like):

Here's some more autumn leaves and hopeful pictures for you all to gander at. It's a beautiful morning in the double you eye (that's WI). I hope you had a scrumptious Thanksgiving and enjoy all your leftovers and all the black Friday (BF) shopping (you are such crazy, braves souls out there fighting for deals). Anyhow, enjoy the pics and music!

A fall maple leaf falling from the sky in Milwaukee, WI. I think I cheated on this one... you know how. Photos from Wisconsin 2008. Photos by Mike Fisk

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

A lone leaf in the sky of leaves as it falls to the Earth in the wind (at sunrise). Pretty cool huh? You have to wait a while to catch a pic like that. Autumn Leaves in Wisconsin 2008. Photos by Mike Fisk

Wiconsin Autumn Photo - These are poplar leaves (they look like aspen leaves, huh?).

Wiconsin Autumn Photo - Some prarie grass at sunset.

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Here's a massive autumn collages (I plan on doing a better one soon):

Autumn Collage

And an odd collage of queen anne's lace flowers and others:

Queen Anne's Lace College

And one more pic for you... looking up into an autumn maple tree using the flash.....

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

If you like, check out some more free Soul Amp music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here:

Happy Friday. Enjoy the deals (if you're the shopping type)! =)

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