Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo of catching autumn maple leaf with hand in the sun. Leaves in the wind in a purple/pink sunrise with swirling trees overhead...A Searching Song

Here's an odd confessional/seeking/searching type song. You might like it, you might hate it. Not sure how I feel about it, but it sure the heck matches the pics... you have to at least agree about that... right? So take it out for a listen:

I know this next photo is a what?... it fires my spark plugs with the sun and all that... and it was pain to take (lots of trial and error). (You try holding a camera with one hand and catch a leaf with the other...=) ) Besides the tree shooting to the sky in the background is also pretty interesting.

But I bet a lot of you like it. Seems kind of hopeful, doesn't it? So am I catching the leaf, or am I throwing it? Right? shhhhh....don't tell anyone... I'm throwing it.

I think the next two pics are even better. Leaves floating in the air at sunrise as the trees spin above. I think I may have to try that it again. It came out quite nicely.).

"Catching" an autumn yellow maple leaf in the sun with my hand. Photos from Wisconsin 2008. Photos by Mike Fisk

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Fall leaves floating to the ground at sunrise with swirling trees above. Psychedelic Autumn Leaves in Wisconsin 2008. Photos by Mike Fisk

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -
Now for some leaves just lying on the ground. Which is one of my favority photography subjects. You might find them boring. I find them peaceful.

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Here's a massive autumn collage (I plan on doing a better one soon):

Autumn Collage

And an odd collage of queen anne's lace flowers and others:

Queen Anne's Lace College

And one more pic for you...

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

If you like, check out some more free Soul Amp music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here:

I insist upon you all having a lovely Wednesday..... and here's my big eyed smiley for ya: =)

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