Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Feel Something - Overdriven Zoom H4 - Recorded too hot - Distorted Nords - and a Pastel Sketch of a Winding Road with one Tree

Feel Something - Winding Road - Pastel Sketch by Mike Fisk

Feel Something - mp3

Here's another tune from the April 2008 Practice session (check out the strange highway pics on the previous April tune post). Just want to remind you, we make this stuff up on the fly... so please do NOT expect perfection. Enjoy it for what it is.... in all it's farty glory. So this one was recorded too hot on the Zoom H4. So it's a bit distorted in spots.

Anyhow, Bradly is making up the words and melody as she goes... not sure they are even words sometimes... And the pastel sketch drawing was just something that came to me to match the tune....

Bye for now. Enjoy your hump day.

Catch the Top Ten Tunes of Soul Amp here:

Oh I forgot to mention, did you catch M2's "Most Horrible Sound Known to Man" at the end of "Feel Something"? Pretty strange huh? Here's an even longer version of that weird scream thingy:

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