Monday, June 23, 2008

Strange Flashlight Umbrellas photo - Last Song Last Gig - InstruRock - Flashlight PhotoArt Constellation Collage - Crazy Tune - Floating Umbrellas

Docious, floating umbrellas flashlight photo collage. By Mike Fisk
Here ya go at last. A new Soul Amp tune:

This is the last jam of the last set we did at the House of Guinness in May of 2008. It was recorded using the Zoom H4 on a tripod as per the usual. One difference is that we ran the keys through a new amp and into the PA and so the keys are a bit more stereo this time as opposed to previous HOG gigs.

It's InstruRock....

The picture is a clue to the name of the song.

Click here for a bigger copy of the picture if you like.

Here's a pic of the House of Guinness set up:

Soul Amp's House of Guinness stage set up... love the CX-3 and blue Ludwigs. Photo by Mike Fisk

You can catch more flashlightphoto art here:

Here's another umbrella (I think, or is it a hat)... it's a painting:

Here's another photo collage:

and another:

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