Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tornado Warning Sirens - Audio Recording, Milwaukee, WI, June 2006, pics of Greenfield Park siren.. spooky sounds of thunder and sirens

Photo of Tornado/Warning Siren in West Allis (Milwaukee), WI, June 2008. Photo by Mike Fisk
Here's an audio recording taken in West Allis, WI (suburb of Milwaukee) of the tornado warning sirens before the torrential rains hit on June 7, 2008 (it's pretty haunting and spooky):

I dig the person screaming at the start of it and the way the different sirens blend in with the constant rumble of the thunder. There is beauty in the terribleness of nature. Also, the birds keep chirping throughout.

Here's photos of one of the warning sirens. It's over in Greenfield Park in West Allis, just a mile or two North of my house.

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RF said...

Excellent recording. In the first group of sirens, I can hear two that are part of Milwaukee County's system (the ACA Allertor 125 on Hwy. 100 and the ACA P-50 at Greenfield Park) and a privately owned Federal Signal Model 2T. and the second group of sirens heard are the ASC T-128's in New Berlin,

WI. Your pictures are great, too. The Greenfield Park siren is an ACA P-50, the second loudest siren ever produced. The manufacturer, American Signal Corporation is based here in Milwaukee.

Really cool stuff! Thanks for posting these.