Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Soul Amp-bience.... A New Tune...

Here's an instrumental ambient/rock tune Brad and I came up with last week at rehearsal. M2 couldn't make it, so no percussion this time. We are in our just "make up things" on the spot mode.... we just hit record and this is what we came up with. We have a couple of condenser mics at the other end of the basement.... picked up a lot of stuff including Brad tapping his foot (sounds like a metronome) and me clicking a foot switch to speed up/slow down the rotorary speakers on the motion sound (so yep, there's a bit of Hammon B3 in there.... not just piano). This tune is part of 15 minute jam... I may take something from the second half later.

We also have a 25 minute jam from the same night... I think I'll mine that one for tunes as well... so look for another tune or two in the next few days.

I named this one Silver Lamp cause I was looking at the silver lamp on table that my best friend gave me for Christmas. It also seems appropriate because lots of people think we are "Soul Lamp". So to be confusing here's "Sliver Lamp" by Soul Amp:

silver lamp soulamp made in china - soul amp

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