Friday, April 13, 2007

Baseball.... and Soul Amp?

so I wrote this lyric last autumn while watching a baseball game....

took all the inspiration from the commentary on the game and kind of turned it into something else....(the chorus came from somewhere else... but seems to fit)...

Until she gets bored, and you get the cooties

With the rain falling
Going to be a delay
Digging in and waithing
When there's nothing you can do
Can't go by the book, all of the time
Forget the book
Try to fill up the bucket

Then you'll pop up, going after people
Love to do the boogie all night long
Until she gets bored, and you get the cooties
Then there's gonna be a down-thing for a while

You don't care about truth or anything
A little bit of this, a little bit of that
You just wants some happy big moments
Drive them all in, when you get the chance

Dealing with the elements and mad at yourself
So gut wrenching but good for your health
Letting it hang, letting them down
Without shoving nobody around


With the dried up words

All been spent
On the way up
by Soul Amp... copyright 2007

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