Saturday, April 07, 2007

Make it up as we go (May 11)... And avoiding Train Wrecks =)

We're going to be making up stuff on the spot at the HOG gig on May 11th. You'll be hearing stuff you've never heard before and stuff you'll never hear again (unless we decide to record the gig which we probably won't because we're really lazy).

So surprises are in store, but we might throw in an old Soul Amp tune or two.

We've been writing stuff on the spot since the inception of this band. We have found that the more we think about what we're doing, the less real things are.

Lately, our jamming has gone beyond stuff we've done before....

no train wrecks steam engines - soul amp

Train wrecks are always risk with improvisation...... we haven't had one in a while... on the flip side, amazing things can happen.

There's also a chance to get some free CDs including Strip Mall Heaven if you happen to make it out to the gig....

Hope to see you there!!!

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