Thursday, March 01, 2007

working late

So here I am working late again (at work work.... not working on music). I seem to do that a lot now. I have my brain on music much of the time though. I've worked on some new tunes and we got together last week and just made shit up. We have done that for the last couple of practices. And guess what? We have a gig at the HOG in Waukesha on Friday, April 27. We'll probably make shit up there as well... =)

It sometimes gets discouraging having so much work stuff hanging over my head... but music is definitely one of the thing that gets me through it all... in fact I'm lucky in that I can listen to music for much of the day (looking at it that way and I'm doing the ol' comparison thing of why should I complain when things are so good for me). Anyhow, some stuff I've been digging (and well listened to today) includes: Midlake "The Trials of Van Occupanther", GrizzlyBear "Yellow House", the Shins "Wincing the Night Away" (of course), Beirut "Gulag Orkestar", Bert Jansch "The Black Swan", My Bloody Valentine, Cat Power and just a bunch of other stuff...

I also listened to some of our scratch tunes we made last year... you know, some have potential like:

not sure these tunes will ever amount to anything and they are kind of rough as they were all recorded pretty much right as they were written... but having not listened to them for a long while and now checking them out again... I think there's some stuff there that might be all right to keep...

Anyhow, I would have to say that Soul Amp is still alive and kicking and we're going to get more material out there and hope that people like some of it. By the way, check out M2's been up to:

oh and here's a poem that M2 wrote that I though just rocked and fit on the day I read it:

sparkling silver swirls in an eddy of powdery snow_ hiding a dingy salted yesterday beneath it's squeeky crunch_ the evergreens, majestic, with white laden sagging limbs_ wise old men standing strong against the wind_ a squall so thick the earth becomes sky becomes earth becomes sky_ I am enamoured by it's beauty...and at peace with it's challenge

well that's it for now.... if you happen to read this, say hi....

talk at you later

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