Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dixie Mine Trail...Fountain Hills...Rattlesnake, Gila Monster, cool dips, and Brewers Cactus League...

Just got back from AZ hanging with friends and checking out the Brewers at spring training (Cactus League). It was cold (50s/60s) and raining when we arrived and the first game we attended got hailed out... imagine that in AZ. But it was a very nice trip.

We took a hike on the last day and my friend almost stepped on this rattlesnake:

rattlesnake in AZ - Dixie Mine Trail - soul amp

We were hiking to this spot (the Dixie Mine Trail):

Very interesting....

The AZ trip inspired me to jot down some lyrics that might be a song someday:

you're snoring
you got to leave
I'm going to get some sleep
Going to eat some just desserts

Second in the pool
For the first time this season
Freezing cold in the afternoon
Trickle water splashing on toes

Reptillian stories
On the dusty slopes
Looking for precious metals
To smelt

Trash accumulates
Through the slowth growth forest
You cry out in fear
At the shape on the ground

oh... here's a Gila Monster we saw on the same walk....

gila monster in AZ - dixie mine trail - soul amp

Talk at you later.....

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