Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An essay entitled,"The Reality of Guerilla Warfare"....from M2

The USA invades Iraq. It is called an invasion because we were not invited. We have heard several "reasons" for this invasion...

1.) To defend ourselves against a terrorist supporting government
2.) To liberate the Iraqi citizens from a tyranical government
3.)To protect American interests on foreign soil (drop the s, and it spells oil)...

Although completely and sickly corrupt, Saddam's Bathist regime did provide a sort of organized chaos to its citizens. They ruled by intimidation/fear. Standing on his flaccid pulpit, he did shake his ugly fist and threaten the world with his Napoleanic dreams. He was isolated, awaiting his inevitable demise by a civil war that broiled under society's surface...trapped in the stranglehold of a dominant allied airforce. The Iraqis couldn't let out a military fart without being precision bombed...Then we erred. We sent thousands of men and women in uniform into a theater of militant guerrillas. Even if we were able to squash the ongoing insurgency...rid the entire nation of "improvised explosive devices"...we would STILL be embroiled in a guerilla war. The ubiquitus AK-47 would be replaced by [original editted here] sabre..masked men leaping from doorways with kitchen knives. NEVER will our troops be safe to roam the streets of Baghdad without fear of a blindsided attack. Have we not learned from history? Here are some fairly recent examples of our forgetfulness: Viet Nam. Providing Iraq with CIA support against Iran. Providing Iran with missles in exchange for hostages. Providing CIA assistance to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan in a guerilla war against the Soviets...or how about this?...remember how the Nazis rolled into Paris? Not much of a challenge to defeat the French military. BUT...the French Resistance fighters (guerillas) made their stay on French soil a daily hell. It didn't matter that the Resistance wasn't able to chase the Nazis out, they would have fought WE would if the USA was invaded. This war in Iraq..this whole debacle..was based on half truth's, lies, deceit, and an arrogant misconception of a realistic outcome. When will we learn? When?...When there is no one in uniform left on our home soil to defend the Motherland of America?..When the National Guard is too busy guarding someone else's nation to help out with the next Katrina? When we can't care properly for our Vets?..My cousin Patrick, an Army Ranger stationed in Baghdad, watched two of his buddy's burned alive in a roadside attack. There wasn't a damned thing any of them could have done to prevent this.

Yes, WAR IS HELL. It's to bad that the Cheif Warmongers don't understand..PEACE CANNOT BE FOUND IN HELL.It's time for True Patriots...for stand up for those in uniform and GET THEM THE F*** OUT OF THERE!!!!...M

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