Monday, December 12, 2005

News From Farkasville Studio

The G4 Dual is ALIVE! I sent the logic baord and CPU module to a place in Cali. DT&T Computer Services. They established the CPU was cooked. Logic Board, video and RAM were all okay. We got the new/used CPU module, a dual 1.o Ghz not 1.24 for $350. It was in stock and ready to go so we opted for the 1.0 over the more expensive 1.24.

I installed complete with static wrist strap one adn the Powermac fired up and booted. I took it to Farkasville and we set it up, installed a a airport extreme card for M1's wireless. And did the much needed updates to Panther. I also spent some time debugging the studio set for AudioDesk. I found the the MOTU 828 likes to have it be the clock source. That explained why firewire was having issues during playback.

So we are back and ready to start recording new tunes.

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