Friday, December 16, 2005

Microsoft and MTV - mUrge

Microsquash and MonotonusTV will roll out a rival to Apple iTunes called Urge.

The internet music blogpen is taking a "hmmm interesting" attitude.

Whack of the CLUEBAT - anyone over 14 knows MTV in uncool and anyone who has used a computer for more than five minutes knows that Microdorf inhales sharply with lips pursed. So Urge is probably going to be as uncool as Microdump and SpewTV. You might as well rename it to Wal-Tunes. I'll just bet that MS will sue Apple for something over this whole thing.

They should come out with a new Mp3 player they can call it the Microbarf eKnob. I can see it now...Knob casts. People in commercials bobbing with thier Knobs...

Typical of Microslop to come out with a product by waiting until someone refines the idea and creates the culture. Then they throw 40 bazillion dollars at it, roll out some crappy hardware running some wierd hacked Windows OS on it and get Weezer and the Rolling Stones to sign on to promote it.

I digress. I just wanted to clue folks in early that it is okay to diss Urge now. Why wait? We all know allready where it is heading. Right into the MS bank on on every computer sold by Dell, SOny, Hp, etc,etc.....

What does this have to do with Soul Amp?

Nothing....I just felt like bashing Microsoft a little for the entertainment value in it, since I stopped watching MTV sometime in 1984 and have basically avoided Microsoft products when ever possible. Even though if it wasn't for Microsoft I wouldn't have a job now...(probably be touring or working on our fifth album or something "dull" like that.)


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