Monday, December 12, 2005

CD Review in Rick's Cafe

Rick's Cafe is a monthly newsprint music publication out of Madison, WI. They focus on the South Central Wisconsin music scene, primarily on Madison. Waukesha is just on the edge of "south central".

The mag can be picked up for free at many places in and around Madison.

They ran a review of Strip Mall Heaven in this months issue. (December 2005)

John Payne contributing writer penned the review. He did a good job of recognizing what we were going after in this disk. In the issue, as well, we are on "Rick's Rotation", a list of the Editor/Publisher's current listening queue.

"Soul Amp takes sonic cues from a diverse array of artists; the influence of everyone from the Greatful Dead and Phish to REM, David Bowie and Ben Folds is detectable throughout the record. What's remarkable about Heaven is the way these desparate sounds are blended into a singular, homeogenous presentation.
But even at the most somber lyrical moments, the spiritied music
always manages to convey a somewhat midwestern keep on truckin' attitude and sence of determination. Occasionally the aesthetic even seeps into the lyrics as well, on stand out tracks such as "Shove" and "She Walks On Up Ahead". Sad stories aside, the music of Soul Amp seems to come to a comforting conclusion about life in America; it's frequently hard, but just as often, it is good."
- John Payne Ricks's Cafe, Dec. 2005

They do post the review on thier website, it takes a few months for the back issues to show.

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