Friday, August 05, 2005 Soul Amp Home

We got new look.

We'll be phasing away from Sonicbids site....seems that is becoming a site where bands go to get ripped off. I tried it for awile but I can sence a slow devolution of the quality. Having a cleaner new look featuring Rob Nero's photo work with the band and being able to utilize new technology quickly is a much better deal for us.

As we are now "officially" signed with Amber Soup Records for a number of albums. Amber Soup is maintaining our promotional life now.

Amber Soup btw was formed by Mike and myself with the purpose of maintaining artistic control of our writing and producing. Our goal is to use Soul Amp releases to build the infrastructure with in Amber Soup to look at adding other releases in the future. (i.e. other bands).

We are however NOT taking unsolicited submissions at this time so don't bother asking.q When the time is right we will approach bands we want want to work with to see if they would want to work with us in producing a full length album.

I added a slide show of recent photos, and a XSPF playlist player to the discography section. The player is also found as a permanent link on the side bar here.

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