Friday, August 19, 2005

Live Rehersal Podcast

Hi people,

This day, week, whatever...podcast is I think a first (or at least one of the firsts) THis is a recording made specifically for podcasting and what it is intended to be is a "meet and greet" show from our studio. We are prepping our show for some upcoming gigs and promoting our disk and this is window into that process. It was recorded live. There are four songs from our live set. It is 32 MB and the download is about 128 KB/s so be patient the download takes about 5 minutes. It is 128 bit encoded and is 23 minutes in length. We are opening our rehersal studio to you.

Production note: There are some edits for removing dead air and I normalized a section of dialog so you could hear M1 and M2 more clearly. So if you hear levels drop suddenly it is not an edit.

We did mess up the last song badly and replayed it after some "discussion"....we are still determining how much "reality" we want to give the podcast subcribers. Also I don't spend a lot of time mixing these so the guitar is a little hot the I apologize in sounded ok on the mackies but in my headphones it is clearly too hot.

It is rough in spots, but stay tuned for more rehersal podcasts and listen in on how we tighten up the songs, argue, banter and do what musicians do in their studios.

Soul Amp Live Rehersal

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