Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Auto-Bootleg from the MRT

In the never ending saga that is rock and roll....

For your podcast pleasure...here is the first recording of a new song that goes with Ten Dollar Bill.

On the Wall

It's 8.5 megs and is another live analog two track recording digitally mastered and encoded to high quality MP3 by your's truely...and iTunes. This was recorded along with Ten Dollar Bill and another Tune called Love, Love, Love. these tunes were written and recorded in one night....Love Love Love unfortunately got munged up by a defective tape deck operator. So we'll get that one another time along with the rock story ballad "Minneapolis"

That is what we do with these podcasts....On The Wall - no dubbing, live, in our new Modern Rock Trio format...complete with ad-libbed lyrics, big wet guitar reverb, growling hammond, glonking clav, marching snare and little vocal feedback....sweet and raw from the basement.
One of my favorite recordings...


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