Friday, July 29, 2005

Soul Amp Pre-Release PodCast

Soul Amp's Debut full length album "Strip Mall Heaven" on Amber Soup Records is soon to be available on various online retailers. Here is "She Slit Her Wrists Again" from the disk offered in our first podcast.

We're new to Podcasting so it is going to take a while to figure this whole thing out. But I suspect we will be offering a interview and other interesting audio tidbits in the future. So subscribe to this Podcast URL:


1. She Slit Her Wrists Again
2. Touching in a Modern Way
3. Throwing Rocks at Cars
4. Johnny's Wife
5. Seeing Jimmy
6. Turn Out the Morning
7. Shove
8. She Walks On Up Ahead
9. Flowing On
10. Memory of a Friend
11. Spinning Things
12. Division

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