Monday, July 25, 2005

Brad and M2 Main Stage July 23

3 Soul Amp Main Stage July 23
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The show was pretty good, actually we kick ass, best Soul Amp show yet....

We rehearsed on Saturday at 5:00 p.m.. The rain stopped just in time to get loaded up and head down to Spizzo for some food. M2 had that ever popular favorite Braunswieger on Toasted focaccia bread....This is really the best damn sandwich...

We hung out for a while I had a double latte to get the blood flowing and we headed over the Main Stage (1/2 a block away to load in)

ON the bill that night was SOuth 15 who turned out to be mostly a cover band and One Shot Mickey from Milwaukee.

We led off the night so we got to set up at a easy pace and get a good sound check in. Quite a few people were on hand to see the cover band. Which were reasonably tight and had a few orginials but didn't say which ones they were. The singer spent most of the his show singing to the drummer.

One Shot Mickey played a good show of quality rock pop songs not unlike Bare Naked Ladies and Jack Johnson. I was a little picky on the guitar tone fo the lead player as he whent through a few stomp boxes and into a small Marshall combo. The lead singer from ONe Shot Mickey played on a few songs a well worn Canadian made Seagull acoustic electric. That sounded quite nice. His electric tone was ok. The bassist though really had some tone. Nice low midrange honk that carried the bottom end with punch.

All in all they did a good job. Only criticisms I would have would be to make the dynamics more extreme and get a lottle more animated on stage.

As for the cover band SOuth 15....that just pissed me off. I know Steve doesn't take to highly to covers so I am sure he probably said something to them, I was surprised they played that many....I am guessing they had about 50% of the tunes were covers.

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