Monday, July 11, 2005

News, Dead Power Mac....and old friend...

Major computer woe....

The dual processor Power Mac that is at the heart of the CatBox studio....coughed, threw up and died....$1200 dollars turned into a door stop in minutes. The sucker froze while I was transferring analog tape mastered version back to 24/48 digital land. I have just finished with all the songs and was going to export them to AIFF's whent he comuptuer started acting up. It totally died this time.

DOing some trouble shooting it is like likely a logic board and CPU module replacement will be required. That's another 500 or so bucks.....


So now I have the disk drive a HFS+ formatted SCSI drive that I need to attach to another mac. with a SCSI hba to get the projects off. I've been trying to get from Windoze software to work to xtract the data but to no avail. I think the file system got corrupted when the system crashed. I had yet to take a backup of the work I did that day so it may end up being lost.

I do have the tape still with all the songs mastered and mixed. I can bring them back into the Powerbook so all is not lost by any means. Just more work....

That's computers!

ON another note I was able to play the disk to an old high school buddy from my hometown in Aberdeen. He's seen me play in other bands and we've stayed in touch over the years. Well I was playing him some of the songs and after a while he says the singer has this or sounds like that and I looked at him and said..."Dude....that's me...I do the singing on this disk..." He looks at me and says "No fucking way..." I say...." is..." (Wisconsin yah know...)

He was also telling me of a new sexy studio in the Ward Hotel in Downtown Aberdeen.

They have a website too.

Pretty cool....I wonder if I went to high school with those guys....?

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