Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Odd Milwaukee and Lake Michigan photos of the lake and city and a new odd Soul Amp song to go with it. A photo of a knife and folk in the snow

Here's another tune. Not sure if this one has a chance at the new album. Not sure I like the tempo sifts, but it's interesting for at least one listen, I think:


Now for some pics:

soul-amp ice pics

Some snow and wood at Bradford Beach Milwaukee, WI. Photos by Mike Fisk

soul-amp ice pics

Above, a weed, the kind that get caught in shoelaces. Sometime something so mundane in the right setting becomes magnificent.

Below...some litterbug left plastic utensils in the snow and so it became art (that's the way they were, I didn't pose them). If you don't live around here you have no idea how much trash gets caught in the snow and ice. When it melts, it's pretty horrible to look at it. Then the rain comes and washes it away and some kind souls go around picking it up by hand and some just gets asorbed into nature where it sits and leaks its awful stew into the earth and groundwater. And so passes the great cycle of trash. Makes you proud to be human, huh? Enjoy the beauty of our horridness. Ok I'll shut up now.

soul-amp ice pics

Be sure to check out some free music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):


And more here:


And here's Lake Michigan ice formation sunrise photos:

Have a wonderful week! =)

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