Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Milwaukee Photographer and Alternative Musician does some art...SCHOOL'S OUT!

Ok, well I haven't really drawn or painted in a long time, but I just got the urge when my niece got a set of watercolor pencils for Christmas and so I thought I'd give it a try.....(and, btw, she's way more talented than I'll ever be =) )... I just let my hands tell me what to make and didn't let the mind get too involved with it's creation... similar to what I've been lately trying to do with music and the band. So here's my art first piece created last night using water color pencils, regular pencils, and enhanced in the paintshop pro to make it look more like cranyons (haha). Only at the end did I discover that they were fish and so I added the eyes... Like everything we do, it's weird. =)

The School by Mike Fisk

The School - By Mike Fisk
... you might want to listen to a recent Werner Piano recording while you look at if you like... cause they seem to fit a bit:

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