Monday, January 07, 2008

Free MP3s... Index of Free Music from Soul Amp....and use the for learning about ways to make music and art! Enjoy!

There is gobs and gobs of Free Music in MP3 format created by Soul Amp and other affliated bands or artists... and it's all here for your enjoyment:

Do what you like with them except make money with them. The copyrights to these sound records are all owned by Soul Amp. If you want to use them to make money, contact us at:

Send to friends, put them on your mp3 players (iPod and/or whatever else), burn them to CD... whatever you like... just spread the word about this crazy, strange, Milwaukee Wisconsin Jam/Alternative/Alt-Country band.
Also, enjoy browsing through the entries in this blog... there's a lot of weird crap to check out including essays, lots of photos, and even paintings.

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