Friday, June 09, 2006

Sweet 16

My daughter, Hannah had her 16th birthday party last week. I set up a stage out of some pallettes and some left over panels from a old trade show booth. Ones we used in the Cat Box studio.

With the little Peavy PA, a digital delay and some good mics it was a nice sound get up.

Hannah had her music friends and special guests, Hayward Williams and a portion of Soul Amp - M2 and I. We kicked off the show with a 30 minute set of improvised jams and a few punky Soul Amp tunes. M2 had his Gretsch kit in the garage behind the stage and I set a condensor mic up for to send it to the PA...sweet sound with the guitar amp miced and vocal coming through. (Hannah put us first to get us out of the

Hannah had sk8tr Lance Keotah, James and Jason (123 Jimmie) and herself in the show, each played 30 minute sets as did the keynote act, Hayward Williams to finish. Hannah and her buds had fun and the adults stayed out of the way....for the most part.

All in all a good time. Happy B-Day H - <3 Dad

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