Friday, March 17, 2006

SA Coasters Sold on Amazon

"Please use a coaster..." - The Coasters

I'm not sure what to think of this. You send out CD's for review or give away a few here and there. And they show up on Amazon as used. Well I hope they buy a pint with the profits. Lets see the places are shipping from that must be Pitchfork or some club dumped a crate of CDs on some bookstore. Now what to do with the boxes of coasters I have...hmmmm.

I guess I shouldn't be care too much. Seems to me I have a dozen albums that have the that gold embossed stamp that says: "For promotional purposes only - NOT FOR SALE"

I 've bought lots of those over the years.

I think we'll consider doing a "direct to used bin" release sometime.

Well not to diminish the greatness of The Coasters here is a cut - Down In Mexico - mp3

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