Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Despite all reports....

The Rolling Stones rocked the SuperBowl....

There are only a handful of bands that could play the Super Bowl without a safety net and the Rolling Stones in all their chewey sloppiness showed the Super Bowl watchers that they can still rock. They were gritty, spicey and skinny like a meat stick. Keith still looked like death warmed over like he alwys has, Mick was stomping like he always did with a little less grace a little less crispness but still was entertaining and giving it all. Watts was solid on the kit as usual.

So I tip my hat to these uber rock geezers. In a time of painfully self conscious and introverted indie pop it is simply refreshing to see some good old slop bucket rock and roll. It is what is was and it was one of those great moments in rock on TV. - Nirvana Unplugged, The Replacements and recently System of a Down on SNL and Elvis Costello playing Monkey to Man or Wilco's apperance on Letterman. Some may disagree in putting the Rolling Stones on that list but I think time will show that it was yet another peak in an amazing career for the Stones and possibly the swan song.

The Rolling Stones have continued forging new ground in Rock. Maybe not musically, but showing what a life time career in rock is and may actually redefine what everyone thinks a "rock" life is supposed to be.

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