Friday, November 04, 2005

New Studio New Beginning

We've dismatled the "Cat Box" studio. With little fan fare our home for the past 18 months has been turned over to my daughter for her band's hang out and rehearsal space.

Soul Amp has new digs in West Allis. We are building the studio up now. We've moved the gear over and still have to move the recording equipment and from fixtures. The new space is larger and more sound proof...less stinky and drier.

With that we are now laying plans for the next disk. We are winding up our gigging in December and are taking a "house: gig at The House of Guinness (HOG) in Waukesha while we write and record the next album. We'll be playing the 2nd Thursday of the month starting in December. So the next date is December 8.

We'll be giving away CD-Rs of pre-production songs as we build up a catalog for the next album. Playing the HOG on regular basis once a month gives us the a place to break in new songs nad we get the whole night. We play 3 full sets. Open up and jam and try different instumentation.

We'll still take any cool gigs that I might book. I'd still like to get to CHicago and Minneapolis before the new year is too old.

We'll that's the score for now. Come to the HOG....we'll be their.

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