Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hot Band Marketing Tips

Everyone knows that bathrooms are the best place to market your band. I know when I see a band sticker on the bathroom walls or even in the urinal...I think "How cool is that." I then seek out the band and buy their CD and other merch. If it's good enough for a filthy bathroom, its good enough to wear for sure. Any band that puts a sticker in the urinal make me want to shake their hand and say "..awesome job bro that is so classy".

Here is some examples of band marketing worthy of Rock and Roll Confidential found at The Klinic in Madison. I am sure the bands will ensure a return gig with a well place bathroom sticker. Lots of respect here...notice how they don't overlap. These bands are true to the "scene".

I can't wait to get our stickers and start doing some "marketing".

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