Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Klinic Gig

We made our first "road gig" as Soul Amp this past weekend. We played at the Klinic Bar in Madison. the Klinic is on Park Street near campus of UW. Neat place actually and rather good sound.

After loading gear, we piled into m2's truck, with me riding "bitch" in the middle. Being the small one you know. Had a couple of errands to run so we left Waueksha at 5:30. Got to Madtown at 6:30 and stopped at WORT radio to drop a disk off. WORT is one of the coolest Radio stations. Like WMSE Milwaukee and KFAI in Minneapolis the station is a community radio station with lots of cool music. So needless to say it was a "must stop".

We went in a dropped a disk to a very nice woman, she put it in the station manager's box and asked us about the band.


WORT's cool sign.


M2 and Brad standing outside WORT Radio in Madison.

After that we headed to State street to put some disks on consignment at The Exclusive Company Wisconsin's largest indie record chain. (I think). We walked right past the store and ended uphaving a brat and beer at State Street Brats. On the return trip down State we found the store and placed 5 disks with them. I am checking in what it will take to get in all their stores.

Then on to the Klinc...

And there we are...our name almost in lights....


Marqee at Klinic


M2 and Brad heading in.

Gig went well. Johnathon Kuss and the Corporation had apparently cancelled and we played two sets infront of PINE. A cool EMO like rock band. We had a good time. Loaded out and watched Pine. Suggested they get over to madPlanet and play some all ages shows. They would do well. Intereting note. Madison has a smoking ban in effect for all bars and restaurants now. It was amazing. First time ever for me to play a gig and not smell like smoke afterwards. However there were times when half entire audience would get up and walk outside for a smoke. They said "we can still hear you..".


The stage at the Klinic.

We played pretty good. Thoguh the second set was hit or miss as we hadn;t counted on playing a second set. But they loved us...and we had fun. Sold ONE disk and covered our gas with our cut of the door. Trevor made sure we had plenty of beer for playing another set...

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