Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photo of Daylight Moon and a Jet Airplane with Contrails Shot Through Trees in Autumn 2009 in Wisconsin. A Shiny New tune-Shining On-Not Giving Up

When you have pics of the moon you have to have a song called Shine On (yep, I'll post a different tune next time):

Moon and Jet shot through autumn trees in November. Photos from Wisconsin 2009. Photos by Mike Fisk

Moon and Jet and Contrail Photo -

Moon and Jet and Contrail through trees. Moonlit autumn in Wisconsin 2009. Photos by Mike Fisk

Moon and Jet Photo -
No Jet in this one, just the moon.

Moon Through Trees Photo -

Here's a massive autumn collage:

Autumn Collage

And an odd collage of queen anne's lace flowers and others:

Queen Anne's Lace College

If you like, check out some more free Soul Amp music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here:

Moons and Jets and Trees, oh My. Have a victorious Thursday you fine and beautiful losers! =)


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Hi 晚上! Can you tranlate for me (if you like)? I think you might be asking how I did this photo (based on Google's translation), but I'm not sure.

Thank you.