Monday, August 31, 2009

Autumn maple leaf photos from Milwaukee, WI using a flash on rainy day...Fall Woods Photos... Caves of Leaves.... New Song, "Hanging On".... Enjoy!!!

Oh yes, Autumn is breathing down are necks already and it's just the end of August. We got ripped off this summer. But if it had been hot, we'd be complaining about that too. So here's some fall foliage photos from last year in lovely Wisconsin (you really should all come up for a visit as Autum is gorgeous here).

Anyhow, here's an odd little song to go along with your viewing pleasure:

Yes, yes, very strange and yet makes you want to listen again, huh? hmmmmmmmmmmm

Red Maple Tree rainy day photos from Wisconsin 2008. Photos by Mike Fisk

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

More Autumn foliage photos from Wisconsin. Photos by Mike Fisk

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Here's some links to weird flower collages if you get lonesome for summer later:

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

Wiconsin Autumn Photo -

If you like, check out some more free Soul Amp music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here:

Have a delightful Monday!! See you can soon. Metaphorically, of course, unless I actually know you. =)

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Tania Hays said...

I love fall.......though it does lead up to the disappointment called winter...
Anywho, I'm new to blogspot, and even though I have hardly any of my photos up, I figured I should start "meeting" people.