Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shell photos on Lake Michigan north of Milwaukee + Log Photos at Sunrise on Lake Michigan at Sunrise... a strange new Sixties Sounding Tune that rocks

Here's more photos taken in on Lake Michigan, North of Milwaukee, in March. A bunch of shells and a couple of logs. Hope you dig them. I especially like the shells, I'm going to have to take more pics of shells when I get a chance (especially when I get my new camera).

Here's a new tune for you:

Now for the pics:

Fog over Ravine Rd Bridge at Sunrise

Shells on Lake Michigan...ooh is that a bone?... nah, I think it's just a stick. March 18, 2009. Photos by Mike Fisk

Fog over Ravine Rd Bridge at Sunrise

Logs on Lake Michigan always look cool. Photos by Mike Fisk

Fog over Ravine Rd Bridge at Sunrise

Oh here's a link to a really cool log pic (be sure to scroll down to it):

Fog over Ravine Rd Bridge at Sunrise

Be sure to check out some free music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here:

Happy Thursday to all of you.


Dawn said...

More great photos! Thanks for sharing! I have used your sunrise header photo again on a new blog page that won't let me do a direct link, so I did a link to the photo and one to your home page in the side bar. Please let me know if that is ok. Happy to do re-writes and add in more superlatives. I really appreciate your permission to use the awesome photo!
Thanks, Dawn

M1 said...

Hi Dawn, I went out to your blog. It looks very cool to me. Thank you.

Dawn said...

Great! Thanks again! And so good to see cows...