Friday, April 17, 2009

First Flowers of Spring in Wisconsin - April in Milwauke - Daffodils on a Pond - Strangest Oddest Spring Song from Soul Amp - It will Melt Your Mind

At last, the first flowers of Spring. Winter lets loose its grip at last (well almost, it snowed a few days back, but only a dusting). Yep it's APRIL. Spring comes late to the glorious state of Wisconsin and when it does it's often a beauty. (Sometimes it's crappy and rainy and snowy, but we won't talk about that and focus on the new thing for us...sunshine.)

So here's the first flowers I found and I have posted them here for you enjoyment.

I have also created a crazy tune (slapped together in about 40 minutes). It'll melt your mind... so sorry in advance if that's not what you wanted.

Please and enjoy and have a lovely Friday.

Here's the song, tune, whatever:

Now for the pics:

soul-amp flower pics

Such pretty little yellow daffodils and no snow around them this year. Taken at Parkplace Milwaukee, WI, April 2009. Photos by Mike Fisk

Here's a link to a daffodil in snow from 2007...if you click that pic, a song plays:

Here's another pic from this year (in fact from yesterday):

soul-amp flower pics

Be sure to check out some free music (mp3s) here (Top Ten Soul Amp Songs):

And more here:

Have a delightful weekend! =)

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