Friday, October 03, 2008

Most Listened to Soul Amp Tunes

Just did some tracking on what tunes get downloaded the most (we've had 196,713 downloads of our music as of yesterday). I've never done this before, so I'll have to figure out a way to automate the massaging of the web report in the future.

Anyhow here are the top 20 most listened to Soul Amp audio files (feel free to download and enjoy to your hearts content):

  1. Zingo Bango Bomp mp3

  2. Pink Shirt mp3

  3. Bonfire Blues

  4. New Day mp3

  5. She Walks Up Ahead (2nd take from oldies) mp3

  6. Banner Day (drum machine) mp3

  7. Gentle Assassins - Closer in Your Life mpe

  8. Throwing Rocks at Cars mp3

  9. Easy in the Summer bratfest jam mp3

  10. Ten Dollar Bill mp3

  11. Banner Day-Full Band mp3

  12. Division - original recording from oldies mp3

  13. Hold On mp3

  14. Jamie Says mp3

  15. Division - album version mp3

  16. Suburban Summer Symphony mp3

  17. Division - old version - remastered mp3

  18. How About Some Hammond mp3

  19. she walks up ahead (original version 1st take) mp3

  20. Mascara Death - remastered mp3

And here's what we think are the top ten Soul Amp songs:

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