Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oldies from Soul Amp's M1 - soundtrack material - music for movies - muscial paintings

I was going through some of my old files trying to clean some stuff up and I ran across some old tunes I created about 5 years. And so I posted a bunch of these M1 Oldies at:

Check them out if you like. I posted a couple of my favorites individually so that they get podcasted. There's a lot of stuff there. Some of it pretty weird. Some of it New Ageish. Yep, so if listen you can here some of the crap I did back then in our current music.

Unfortunately, I was going through a rough period then and at one point I deleted a bunch of my old tunes. So only a couple people ever got to hear those. So it goes.... Here's one that got saved though (back then I frequently named tunes with the date I wrote and recorded them):

Maybe someday I'll give it a proper name. It really needs to be re-recorded anyhow.... Enjoy.

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