Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New Comments from CDBaby

Here is a quick review from our CDBaby album page.

"Excellent album. Soul Amp has been a favorite listen for a couple of weeks now. The lyrics are pretty interesting. Many of the songs tell a story. My favorite track is Shove, a funky tune with vintage sounding keys like from the 70s. I think that song's about conquering addiction... at least that's what I got out of it. Most of the other songs are good as well. They are kind of an eclectic mix of genres that's hard to pin down, but there's some classic rock, punkpop, and altcountry in there. Check it out. I looking forward to what they put out post-Strip Mall Heaven." - Jim Kiln

I don't know if this is random or someone we know. Either way. Thanks.


Blue said...

I saw your band at the House last night...I wasn't really into it at 1st
and I know the vocals aren't the strongest, but I kinda got used to
the dynamics of the group. Good guitaring by the way. Some interesting songs. some not so interesting. Adding a couple of familiar tunes sure would help even a few. Also, Don't let your range be such a barrier...hell Look at Johnny Cash ...Great story-teller, good showman...voice like shit
You certainly have more range then he had. If singing is such an issue for you consider a vocal teammate...where you have an exchange of melodies and banter...also one last note...I've seen a lot of group's...It's just plain ol hard to be "An Artist" these days. At least you are creative and seem to be willing to write outside of all the predictable parameters. Just examine your audience's response more and figure out what songs propell your show and want songs don't get the best response...I know I said last comment, but I lied...Your 2nd song on your last set was one of those keepers. Don't get discouraged, just figure out where you have room to improve...

Brad O. said...

Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. Doing the original music thing is no doubt a tough row to hoe. the dynamics of the tunes are matched by the emotional highs and lows. There isn't a lot of level ground to stand on it seems. Nature of things I guess.

I'm looking around for a voice to team up with. How that will integrate into soul amp remains to be seen as Soul Amp is more of a product of the three than any one of us. In some ways the three of us are able to open up into a lot or different directions. Both a blessing and a curse...

Actually the "familar" song thing comes up from time to time. And I would rather wirte a song that sounds familiar rather than play a a familiar song is probably a hit from some other time and that tends move the listener away from the other songs. However, one could also say that it give an insight into the band by allowing the listener to compare the performance to a famiar artist or to see how the band interpets the music and makes it their own.

Certainly the audience always likes to hear something known. For the most part.

I fear becoming one of those bands that is only remembered for that "remake". I guess I'm not ready to accept that just yet.

So basically sticking to orginals for now seems to keep things less complicated if that makes any sence.

thanks again