Thursday, January 05, 2006

Family...Teen Invasion....

This is what happens when teens are allowed to be creative....I'm proud of them....they are so cool.

My Daughter, Hannah, 15 is a Myspace teen phenom. She's got this acoustic Emo thing going, that is really unique. Hannah played violin and cello for 6 years and decided she wanted to sing and play guitar instead of pursue the orchestra thing. She'd pretty much commandeered my Martin and so she had to have her own.

Hannah has a fresh intimate and sweet sound with a wonderful sense of phrasing and melody. Her songs are unconventionally structured and influenced by the popular Emo punk bands. With lyrics centered on those relationships that totally saturate daily existence.

We're working on her first EP. Should have the first pre-production burns ready for her show at the Waukesha Battle of the Bands for the cities winter festival the Janboree.

She plays a sweet Auditorium Martin acoustic..

Listen to her songs here.

My nephew Russ - 18 plays bass in Minority Party in NC. When I was in Minneapolis playing in the Masterbeats in the mid-eighties he was a little guy. I didn't get to see him and his brothers much as they were growing up but we hung out some a summer ago. Hannah got to know her cousins a little better.

Hope I get to see a show sometime. One thing about Rock and Roll when something new comes around it never really goes away. It simply evolves. Punk is very much alive and well all across America. Minority Party does a great job of keeping references to the classic punk from the late 70's while introducing the more metal and hardcore aspects from the 80's and screamo in just the right amount in catchy high energy songs that no doubt fill mosh pits.

Classic freakin' hardcore punk. With all the energy, angst and political drama and crass humor you would expect from suburban punks.

Give a listen to them here.


Tom B. said...

I still cannot wait for the next HoG show... I have D/L'ed ur daughters music Brad... Wow, when does she get a venue? Hannah you have an amazing voice that puts Fionna, Jewel, and Alanis to crazy shame... I demand more tracks from you and your fathers band... Maybe you could play vocal/tar with him??? A female voice specially one like urs would make SA even the better... Look at my previous posts SA is the best thing since the Doors, Zep, Jimmy, Floyd, etc... to drunk to name em all. But I still d space after each sentance :P... I cant wait til the next HoG show boys... Brad talk her into cutting tracks with the band she has a goddesses voice, it is amazing the range and the feel is incredible. Hannah thank yo for the tunes. I applaude you as much as I applaude SA!

Bradly O. said...

Yo...we'll have more tunes on another handout at the HOG on the 9th.

We've been werking on some new interesting stuff and we'll get you a early grab...

See ya.