Friday, February 04, 2005

Traynor YCV20

Traynor YCV20
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New amp. Soul Amp aquired this little gem from e-bay. I played the Sprizzo gig with it after I wired a switching 1/4 jack and installed a mounting plate to the inside cabinet to hold it.

I used the Fender 2x12 closed back cabinet that is loaded with EVM-12Fs. The cabinet is 8 ohm. Plugging in a cabinet to the Traynor automagically turns off the speaker and maintains the 8 ohm output requirement.

I replaced the stock Sovtek 12ax7 with Groove Tube 12ax7-c Shugaung made.

First off this amp being a EL84 cathode biased amp is a much differenet animal than the Champ 12 I have been using. The signal to the power tubes in the Traynor is split into two seprate opposite phases and are sent to the power tubes for amplification. The Champ is a single ended Class A with a single 6L6 power tube and has this one dimentional quality to it compared to the dual EL84.

Basically in a nutshell the Champ 12 is a "American" high gain rock amp. The Traynor is really more of a "Brit" type amp. Think Orange AD15, Vox AC15, Marshall 18 watt. It was designed in response to the Mesa Boogie high gain amp of the day. The two amps have very different sounds. The EL84 amp though is able to replicate the sound of the Champ 12 to a degree. The big bonus is that the EL84 amp has a higher degree of flexibility and a more complicated sound .

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